Cataract Corrective Lens | VR Demo

Virtual Reality application

A VR experience comparing lenses used by cataract sufferers

We were asked by MCCGLC to create a virtual reality experience for a conference attended by doctors who specialise in cataract surgery in the summer of 2016. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the difference between traditional intraocular lenses implemented to patients undergoing cataract surgery and a newly developed trifocal lens.

Using a headset and a tablet, we were able to simulate how people who have received this newly developed product see specific objects, and how their vision differs from users of other lenses.

Client \ MCCGLC

Putting the lenses to the test

We built three environments that were designed to resemble relatable locations: a kitchen, a garage and an office. Within these environments we used CGI to create a series of everyday objects such as the contents of an open fridge, a mobile phone in the garage and a notebook in the office. The objects were positioned at different distances from the user’s point of view in order to compare how the lenses differed at a range of distances. Text was on all of the objects as well, allowing greater scrutiny of the effectiveness of each lens.

Different levels of experience

Visitors to the event were able to navigate through the experience using only the Pixel C tablet or using both the tablet and the Gear VR2 headset. In this instance, a member of the team could use the tablet to control the user’s journey, selecting the objects and changing the lenses on their behalf. The guest could also choose to guide their own path through the experience, and use the headset to trigger the different lenses.