Shell | The Life of a Sandwich

Virtual Reality Experience

Supporting a global cause with the help of VR

We were asked by Shell to produce a VR experience illustrating their efforts in fighting a global issue: food waste. Through an immersive and narrative exploration of the problem it is possible to reach users in a more thorough way.

Client / Shell

From pen and paper to stereoscopic 3D

After framing the core concepts of the experience and storyboarding its key moments, the Koffeecup 3D team was ready to build and animate the environment where the experience would take place: a low-poly world in which users would be guided through the different steps of food waste treatment. First a conventional and environmentally harmful route would be presented, followed by a more sustainable path, where food waste is ethically used to have a direct and positive impact on nature and local communities.

Once the models and animations of the different scenes were finished the result was implemented into Unity and put together to finally be delivered as a VR app running smoothly on the Samsung Gear headset.