Red Bull Doodle Art Global VR Gallery

Virtual Reality Experience

Where does the mind take you ?

Red Bull Doodle Art is a global doodling competition where over 40.000 students worldwide are invited to share their creativity. In its third edition, the best doodlers from around the world were invited to San Francisco where they could take doodling to the next dimension, literally. The resulting VR artworks were combined into the Red Bull Doodle Art – Global VR Gallery.

Client / Red Bull

From pen and paper to Virtual Reality

In the beginning, we gathered around the theme of a globally connected artistic consciousness, where doodles would come to life within a futuristic city. We started our project with sketches and storyboards as our excitement for the project grew.

We then started developing the UX for the event installation, the in-app interaction points and the Vive controller. This was no simple feat, as we had to work over a 4x pod synchronised queuing system expecting over 1000 visits in 2 days,  the app itself uploading and displaying 45 sculptures, the user having to navigate across 2 different environments .

The Event

Hosted by the Academy of Art San Francisco,  the Red Bull Doodle Art global finals happened at their Atelier location downtown  where a huge amount of 2D and Tilt Brush work was on display.

With submissions from all over the world, including students from over 1,000 universities, The event included sketchpads to doodle on, a giant blank board with paint markers, and 4 VR headsets stations hosting our gallery where you could to explore the artworks from each of the country-winners of the Doodle contest.

Powered with a bunch of Red Bull drinks, our team made sure that the event happened smoothly,  all while the San Francisco Pride was raging !

Now available on Steam & Oculus

Red Bull Doodle Art Global VR Gallery is now a fully built app available Steam and Oculus Store !

Download it here:    STEAM   |   OCULUS