HSBC | Belt & Road Initiative

Virtual Reality Prototype

Demo-ing the power of Virtual Reality

We developed for imagination a small prototype showcasing the potential of VR technology as a communication tool for HSBC’s Belt & road Initiative.

We took delegates from HSBC on an immersive data visualisation journey across China’s rapid growth and future infrastructure developments, presenting them with  a custom-made app synchronising Gear VRs headsets together. 

Client / Imagination for HSBC

Data visualisation made easy to understand

The goal was to create an immersive environment that would take the user through different steps of a presentation in real-time VR, starting with a visual journey through China’s historical population growth in the last century and ending with two examples of investment opportunities inside a virtual representation of Guangzhou, one of China’s most remarkable cities.

Creating a shared experience

The prototype was developed on the Gear VR over two weeks as a real time application using Unity and Maya. Once the application was successfully built  the next challenge was to synchronise twenty Samsung Gear VR headsets in order to generate a collective experience for the delegates. The prototype was well received as part of HSBC digital innovation pursuit.