Jaguar Land Rover | ADAS Technologies

Interactive Installation, Game

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Advanced Driver Assistance System technology helps to keep motorists and other road users safe by using smart sensors to detect hazards.  Koffeecup built a simulator of each of the key ADAS features, wrapping them into an interactive game.

Consumers and car journalists at the Frankfurt Auto Show helped our lead character navigate to the destination whilst avoiding a combination of urban and extra-urban hazards.  Each scenario focused on a different feature of the ADAS capability, from blind spot assistance, high speed emergency braking, lane keep assist, brake assist and park assist.

Client / Imagination

Developing the game

We developed with a concept artist a minimal approach to the gameplay visuals to craft the simple storytelling of the game.


  • Two screen setup
  • Giant 4k LCD for gameplay
  • Steering Wheel mounted tablet for control & interactivity
  • Force feedback steering capability to give the player feedback
  • Full steering wheel rotation for park-assist
  • Global dynamic leaderboard


This light and intuitive simulator enabled a simple and lifelike introduction to the technology along with a fun and engaging gameplay.