Center Parcs | Flying Forest Whale


Playing a campaign

Center Parcs’ latest televised advert campaign featuring an imaginative family playing a game of consequence in the forest made everyone dream with a tale of magical creatures and fun adventures. We were asked by Center Parcs to take the imagination further and produce a game based on the campaign for an online contest.

Client / Center Parcs

A fun and challenging platform game

The final result was an endless-scrolling type game, testing the ability of players to fly the whale as far as they could. Our in-house 3D team designed and animated the game elements (from the flying whale to every type of obstacle), which were then implemented using WebGL technology to make the game accessible through all web platforms. A dynamic environment was designed to cycle through different times to represent the player’s progression.
Since the best three first scores would  be awarded a family short break at one of their villages worth up to £1,000, we made sure that the game would progressively increase in its difficulty though being fun to play for every type of player. You can see the results of the competition here!

A multidisciplinary effort to develop quickly and efficiently

From design to deployment, our team worked in close collaboration to make sure that the initial concept was taken smoothly to the final stages of development. The result was a playable challenge across all web and mobile platforms, with a solid Backend architecture to update live leaderboards and deter any hacking or cheating attempts. Designers, 3D artists, developers and Q&A testers all worked around the clock to deliver an enjoyable experience.

The Take Away

As always, making fun games is a serious business. With the Flying Forest Whale Challenge we delivered a product combining many of the exciting possibilities that web based games bring to the table. We’re looking forward to seeing who was able to master the contest and will stay on the hunt for more exciting possibilities.