Looking for an awesome Creative Unity Developer to join our team in Krakow, Poland!

You Will:
Develop cutting-edge VR and AR experiences, which are often deployed hundreds of devices. Create breath-taking interactive installations. Work with our design, CGI, and backend team to implement innovative experiences for amazing brands.


We’re looking for a Ninja working with:

  • Unity and C#
  • Unity shaders including compute and geometry shaders
  • Computer graphics and procedurally generated graphics
  • Particle systems, boids, fractals
  • Git and version control concepts
  • Written and spoken fluency in English


Brownie points if you’ve worked before with:

AR and VR headsets
Kinect sensors
WebGL and WebGL Frameworks (Three.js, PixiJS)
Creative Coding frameworks (OpenFrameworks, Processing, …)


You will join:
A small tight-knit team of frontend, backend and Unity developers.
We believe our work should always be fun and exciting, and have the projects to back it up.
We are laid-back and flexible but hard-working and committed. We believe flexibility should go both ways.
We expect from you:
Good organisation and communication skills, a passion for quality, and above all: a can-do attitude. We make the impossible possible, for breakfast.

Interested in joining our team ?