Jaguar | E-Pace VR Launch

Virtual Reality Experience

Harnessing the power of VR

We were asked in partnership with Imagination to produce a VR experience for the launch of the new Jaguar EPACE at Excel, London. For the event, We promoted the car to the press using VR as a unique immersive medium, presenting the car’s characteristics for the press

Client / Jaguar, Imagination

A shared experience

On the surface this project sounds simple; – synchronise 72 VR headsets so that delegates have a shared experience. Under the bonnet however there is a lot of technology needed to enable this.

Firstly there are 72 HTC Vive headsets running the latest business edition head-strap with integrated headphones. Each headset is powered by a top of the range gaming PC sporting the GTX 1080 graphics card to create the optimum visual output.

Bringing each of these headsets together is a high speed fibre network with a bespoke content synchronisation server managed by an experienced team of on-site engineers.

Virtual Barrel Roll

Jaguar has started breaking Guinness World Records with its production cars to demonstrate the exceptional engineering of their cars.  Continuing this trend, the Jaguar E-Pace would be embarking on a world first to complete a barrel roll. KoffeeCup had the privilege of bringing the Barrel Roll to life in 3D enabling delegates to admire the new E-Pace in high-definition slow motion.

The Results

Ultimately the Jaguar E-Pace Launch VR app gave delegates the opportunity to discover and interrogate each aspect of the new car in great detail, informing them about the advanced engineering innovation and surprising them with the capability.

Over 200 automotive journalists attended the briefing with an additional 600 VIPs taking the experience.