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Virtual Reality Experience

A traditional horror movie trailer against the power of VR

Would a horror movie be scarier if watched in immersive virtual reality as opposed to traditional 2D? That was the question The Gadget Show team were hoping to answer when they contacted Imagination and Koffeecup

Koffeecup designed and developed an immersive and thrilling horror VR experience on the HTC Vive based on Imagination’s concept and storyboard inspired by “Cernunnos”, a horned god from Celtic mythology. Film students from Regents University then experienced the story in the two different formats, while having their heart rates and galvanic skin responses measured.

Client / Channel 5Imagination

Lost in the woods

The trailer was set at night in dark woodland, reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project. Unlike in the 2D version, the students were able to interact with the virtual reality trailer by picking up a Vive controller that manifested as a physical torch in the 3D environment. They could then shine the torch around the woodland, and try to see what was lurking behind the trees.  

The 3D scene and its props were created in Maya for viewing in virtual reality on the HTC Vive. The assets were then laid out into the Unity game engine so that they could be triggered at specific times, helping to build the tension throughout. We also added 3D sound effects to further the sense of anticipation and uncertainty as the experience unfolded.

The results of the experiment were featured on Channel 5, November 25, 2016.

You can watch a segment of our  appereance on the Gadget Show’s episode below. Full episode can be seen here.

Get it on Steam

After two weeks a functioning prototype was already giving the chills to whoever wanted to try the experience. And although the final product is still in development it has been given a go and is under “greenlit” status on Steam Greenlights platform, a popular way for allowing developers to connect with gamers and VR enthusiasts.