Muppets Most Wanted

Experiential DOOH

Muppets Most Wanted at East Street

Posterscope commissioned us to technically realise a DOOH campaign to promote the release of Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted. Over a sunny weekend at Westfield London, Muppet mania took over Eat Street, Westfield’s premier outdoor screen. Over the weekend over 300 people participated in the campaign.

Client / Posterscope

Project Scope

Using our DOOH software package, we had full control of the screen’s content and playback, removing the limitations of conventional scheduling systems. To add an experiential element to the campaign, we were tasked with adding a live photography experience.

The idea celebrated the film’s main storyline, loveable Kermit has an evil doppelganger, Constantin! The only feature differentiating the two characters is a prominent mole on Constantin’s face. A photographer, along with a team of brand ambassadors, encouraged members of the public young and old to have their photograph taken in the Constantine pose.

Our 4G-connected digital SLR camera was loaded with our bespoke software, allowing a bad kermit mole to be placed on the photograph using the camera’s built in touchscreen immediately after the photo was taken. The photographer could then review the finished image before pressing send, instantly pushing the image on the 12m wide screen. The photographs were also saved to a database and given to Disney for use on a dedicated microsite.