Dirty Barry

Experiential DOOH

Koffeecup at Cannes Lions 2016

Clear Channel invited us to showcase our experiential capabilities for the 2016 Cannes Lions. We brought You Dirty Barry, an action packed interactive wakeboard challenge with crazy jumps, awesome tricks, explosions and a few hungry sharks.

Our real life wakeboard controller will put your gaming skills to the test in this unique out of home activation!

Dirty Barry - A Wakeboard Game

Someone has stolen the Cannes Lions Award! We created an interactive story based on Barry, a washed up private detective, and allowed guests to play an action packed wakeboarding chase as Barry goes on the hunt for a daredevil redhead.

Custom made everything!

With a fully interactive board we allowed participants to dive into an array of dirty tricks and compete for glory. The custom built wakeboard has full rotational freedom as well as 4 touch points allowing for complex interactions with the game play. We truly enjoyed making the physical ramp adding specifics such as arcade style buttons, chroma keying  and a few wires connecting it all.

As part of the stand we filmed participants and beamed them out over Cannes from the giant Le Grand screen before shipping them a personalised digital take away featuring a custom Youtube video from the event.

Lots of Maya, Unity, Adobe and Pen + Paper

We delivered all creative-and visual aspects of the activation ranging from character design and animation to a full game design developed in Unity.

We were also fortunate to work with Rob Smith who delivered stellar illustrative work and animations.

As part of a campaign takeaway we deployed a full online post event activation including a microsite featuring leaderboards and a custom generated Youtube video specially tailored for each individual participant.

A fun-loving game with a twist and a few bends

The gameplay was inspired by the goofy feeling from the Back to the Future films mixed with a comicstrip Dick Tracy type thing and sprinkled with plenty of explosions. Our esteemed participants seemed to enjoy the experience without taking too much damage as some fell of the board half way through their fakey to 1080 nose grabs.

In the end everyone seemed happy and special  shout out to Kostas who managed to kill of the competition through scoring a whopping 278.150 wake boarding points. Well done to you Kostas!

It's impossible to kill a legend!

After Cannes Lions, Barry decided to wakeboard upstream towards London and is now touring the capital bringing endless joy to anyone fortunate enough to play this groundbreaking game.

Due to the incredible feedback from everyone who played the game we also decided to launch Barry as a global phenomena and will release a full fleshed iOS and Android version hitting the app stores soon. Stay tuned!