Shell | Energy Mix

Experiential Application

Gaming with global energy

In the summer of 2016 we took part in Shell’s Make The Future London festival. This four-day event looked at the future of global energy, and showcased new technologies that could help the world meet the challenges ahead.

In collaboration with Imagination, we created a fun and interactive game that put players in control of the planet’s energy, thereby helping them to understand the delicate balance of energy sources that will be needed to meet future demand.

Client / Imagination

Keeping the country running

Six members of the public were each put in charge of their own energy source: wind, solar, nuclear, gas, coal or oil. The small team was then given a scenario and had to work together to create the perfect energy mix.

They did this in a very simple fashion: by pressing a button. This created energy from their designated source, which they could monitor on a large 4m x 2m LED screen. The more quickly they pressed the button, the more their energy would increase.

Finding the sweet spot

But it wasn’t just a case of hitting the button as quickly as possible. This could cause an oversupply, which, in the case of fossil fuel-based energy, would cause carbon emissions to go up. These too were displayed on the screen.

The goal was to find their energy’s ‘sweet spot’, where they were producing the optimum amount of energy to keep the country running, in balance with the production of their fellow team members.

We built the game using Angular and 3JS, with an Arduino board that registered a button press on screen. The result was a fun and incredibly user-friendly highlight of the festival.