Land Rover Retail appAll-New Discovery

Mixed Reality Application

A virtual and augmented reality retailer app

The waiting time between the launch of a new car and its arrival in showrooms poses an obvious challenge to retailers keen to capitalise on any early interest in a new model.

Together with Imagination, we were tasked with creating a mixed reality experience that would help to fill this sales window for the All-New Discovery. Using both augmented and virtual reality, our application allowed customers to view the car and its key features before it had even left the factory.

Client / Imagination

Bringing the car to life

If preferred, it is possible for customers to simply view the experience on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. But the most common approach requires them to wear a VR headset. With a retailer monitoring and guiding their experience on a linked tablet, they can then explore the car and its features in virtual reality.

Combining AR and VR

The customer’s journey can be broken down into three main sections. The first is an augmented reality experience that uses a physical marker (a box) inside the showroom to trigger the appearance of a 3D model of the car within the headset. This enables them to see the vehicle within the showroom in the most traditional sense.

The following two sections are both in virtual reality, and require the customer to sit down for the experience. They first see the car from the inside and the retailer is able to alter the trim colours around them, and move the user to different seats within the car. Secondly an exterior view of the New Discovery is shown, including different animations that showcase its key physical features. Each section is also accompanied by a themed photo gallery.