Jaguar Retail app | F-Pace

Mixed Reality Application

AR+VR Dealership Application

This Mixed Reality application (AR & VR) provided a dealer-led experience by guiding Jaguar’s customers through the key features of F-PACE. Through the Augmented Reality section, the user can experience the scale of the car in the real world and through the Virtual Reality section, the car’s features are promoted through high end animations.

Client / Imagination

A Mixed Reality Experience

Our solution used a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality to introduce prospective customers to the car and its key features. Wearing a Gear VR headset, customers experienced the augmented reality of seeing the F-Pace model on the showroom floor. They were able to walk around it and compare it to other cars on display.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was the next step, taking customers on a high-resolution tour of the car within a pre-rendered environment. Our program allowed the car to disassemble in front of them, showcasing the intricate working elements – from the engine and the powertrain to the aluminium body and features within the car itself.

The Take Away

The entire experience was overseen by a Jaguar representative, who monitored what the customer was seeing on a paired iPad. Not only did this make the lonely and potentially daunting VR experience more sociable and conversation-driven, but it also allowed the staff to tailor the experience to each customer’s interests and needs.

Overall, this innovative new showroom experience contributed to making the F-Pace one of the most popular new cars of 2016.