DHL | VR Packing Game

Virtual Reality Experience

Multiplayer Virtual Reality Experience

We were tasked by DHL to develop a VR parcel packing challenge where players would compete for the high score in one of two game modes.
This game would be used to teach the basics to, and hone the skills of new recruits at DHL warehouses.

From the observatory waiting room, spectators could view the entire virtual warehouse floor, where recruits would go head to head in either the Timed or Until-Full game mode. Parcels would be fed along the conveyor belt, then down each players parcel slide, where they would pack them into varying types of ULD Containers.

Client / DHL

Send The Competition Packing

Since the game was hosted on Immerse’s web-based platform, players that logged in at different locations could see their scores compared against others from across the DHL network.  Points could be earned for the number of parcels stacked, as well as for using ‘T-stacking’ techniques that employees must use when stacking parcels in the real world.  A leaderboard in the waiting room kept track of the best scores and players from each competing location.